4 free agents the Los Angeles Clippers should target this summer

Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles?
Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles? / David Jensen/GettyImages
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Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. An NBA title window will not stay open for long. When that window is open, teams need to scramble to jump through it. 

The Los Angeles Clippers have a title window. It won’t be open for long. If they don’t emerge as the 2023-24 champions, they’ll have to do some soul-searching. Paul George and James Harden are both set to hit free agency this summer. 

Let’s not put the cart before the horse. It’s too early to sound the alarm bells. Instead, let’s assume that both Harden and George commit to the Clippers. Are there any free agents who could help the Clippers make a title push in 2024-25? 

4. Joe Ingles

Ingles has a team option with the Orlando Magic this summer. Who knows? The rebuilding Magic may value his veteran presence. On the other hand, they may be happy to clear some cap space if they have a bigger target in mind. 

If Ingles’ option is declined, he’ll hit the open market. He could be an intriguing option for the Clippers. Ingles is aging, but he’s still knocking down a cool 41.7% of his three-point attempts in 2023-24. 

With that said Ingles is getting a bit long in the tooth to play with any physicality. At one time, Ingles was seen as a fantastic help defender. His instincts on that end of the floor remain solid, but Ingles' (already limited) quickness and lateral mobility are compromised at the age of 36. 

His age shouldn't bother the Clippers. They're already the oldest team in the NBA - Ingles should fit right in. Does he satisfy their current roster needs?

That's a different question. As solid as Ingles is, the Clippers may hesitate to play him at the 4, and that’s the position where they could use an upgrade.