3 teams that could steal Paul George from the LA Clippers this summer

Will Paul George start 2024-25 in a Clippers uniform?
Will Paul George start 2024-25 in a Clippers uniform? / Harry How/GettyImages
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1. Philadelphia 76ers

Forget the Pacers. Disregard the Magic. The Sixers are the most substantial threat to sign George away from the Clippers this summer. 

Rest assured that Daryl Morey would love to land him. He's developed a reputation for chasing stars during his time in the Association. So, when he sent James Harden to the Clippers, the return was surprising. Most expected the Sixers to seek a third team to send them a star in exchange for the Clippers' assets. Instead, Morey took those assets. 

He also took back several expiring deals. That's part of why the Sixers will have the most cap space in the league this summer. With an MVP candidate in Joel Embiid and a lead guard in Tyrese Maxey, all they're missing is a star wing like George. 

The Clippers can't afford to take him for granted.