3 teams that could steal Paul George from the LA Clippers this summer

Will Paul George start 2024-25 in a Clippers uniform?
Will Paul George start 2024-25 in a Clippers uniform? / Harry How/GettyImages
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2. Orlando Magic

Like the Pacers, the Magic are on the rise. Unlike the Pacers, they haven't made a Siakam-sized seismic shift. The Magic have been relying on internal growth to ascend the Eastern Conference. 

This team has an identity. The Magic are a hard-nosed defensive group, as demonstrated by their fourth-ranked 111.3 Defensive Rating. With that said Orlando struggles to space the floor. They shoot the second-fewest threes in the NBA at 30.9 per game and hit them with the fifth-worst accuracy (35.1%). 

in other words, George and his 39.6% three-point percentage would fill a hole for this group. At the same time, he wouldn't compromise their defensive identity. Orlando may see the appeal in inserting George into their jumbo-sized lineup. With him at the 2 alongside Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero in the frontcourt, and the 6'7" Anthony Black running point, Orlando would be equipped to play bullyball.

Still, George may not want to jump ship from the veteran Clippers to the upstart Magic. As talented as this team is, Banchero and Wagner still have room to grow. Is there a more ready-made contender with some cap room?