3 teams that could steal Paul George from the LA Clippers this summer

Will Paul George start 2024-25 in a Clippers uniform?
Will Paul George start 2024-25 in a Clippers uniform? / Harry How/GettyImages
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In the NBA, you can't take anything for granted. In this age of player empowerment, that holds especially true. Your favorite player might leave - whether you like it or not. 

Fans of the LA Clippers should pay heed to this warning. Paul George has a player option this summer. He's likely to test the waters in free agency. George is approaching the end of his prime, but he's still a phenomenal player. Plenty of teams will covet a 3-and-D wing who can create his own shot. 

We don't mean to alarm you. Sure, the Clippers are likely to retain George. They've been successful with him on the roster. Kawhi Leonard has already extended. The Clippers are likely to keep the band together. 

Still: you can't take anything for granted. An early postseason flameout could have George looking for greener pastures. He wouldn’t be the first player to leave an NBA team unexpectedly. Here are three teams that could pry him away from the Clippers this summer. 

3. Indiana Pacers

Here's hoping George isn't a sentimental guy. He started his career with the Indiana Pacers. Suddenly, they're a team on the upswing. The Pacers might be an attractive destination for George.

They aren't afraid to make a big splash. The Pacers acquired Pascal Siakam in 2023-24. This organization seems intent on putting the best possible product on the floor. Why wouldn't they be interested in George? He's the type of portable player who compliments any contender, and the Pacers could use wing depth. 

With that said, this would involve several moving pieces. The Pacers would likely have to make some moves to accommodate George's contract. As it stands, they won’t have the cap space to offer him anything approaching market value after retaining Siakam.  

By contrast, this next team could easily afford him.