3 key takeaways from LA Clippers' win over Hornets

LA Clippers star Paul George was unstoppable against the Hornets
LA Clippers star Paul George was unstoppable against the Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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The NBA playoffs are right around the corner. Teams around the league are taking stock. The league's contenders are trying to figure out if they've got enough to win the 2023-24 NBA championship.

The LA Clippers are one of those teams. Recently, there have been questions about their championship viability. The Clippers have seemingly found themselves in a funk at the worst time.

So, any win counts for them. A double-digit victory feels especially sweet. Even a blowout victory over a lottery team is a reason for the Clippers to celebrate.

So, last night's victory was worthy of celebration. The Clippers hung a 130-118 win on the Charlotte Hornets. The team was mostly firing on all cylinders in this contest.

Here are three takeaways from it.

3. James Harden is the LA Clippers' playmaker

James Harden has a reputation for gaudy stat lines. Last night, he didn't necessarily live up to that reputation. Harden had six points one 1/3 shooting from the field.

Wait - three field goal attempts? James Harden? That feels like a logical impossibility. Harden is one of the best scorers in NBA history. What happened?

Well, Harden also had 10 assists without turning the ball over. He was orchestrating the offense all night. Harden used his on-ball gravity to create easy opportunities for his teammates.

That's his natural role with this team. Could Harden be scoring more? Sure, but Paul George had 41 points on 14/21 shooting. The Clippers don't need Harden to rack up points. They need him to make plays.

Last night, he did so with maximum efficiency.