3 free agents the Clippers need to avoid at all costs in free agency

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Caleb Martin
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2. Wing - Caleb Martin

A physical and long wing, Caleb Martin has carved out an impressive role for himself with the Miami Heat after going undrafted in 2019. The signs were there in college, as he flashed an impressive offensive skillset while turning mid-major Nevada into a perennial threat. 

During last year's Eastern Conference Finals, he had an argument to be named series MVP. He slowed down Jayson Tatum and outplayed Jaylen Brown to the point where the eighth-seeded Heat pulled off the historic upset and competed for a title. That small snapshot can't be the catalyst for giving Martin a lucrative deal.

He's failed to consistently be a great shooter from a distance, as his efficiency has hovered around mediocrity. His clunky handle doesn't allow him to be much of a threat, putting the ball on the deck. Martin is a good athlete but doesn't project as an exceptional defender outside of the Heat system. There's no need to break the bank for a guy two years older than Amir Coffey, who offers a similar skill set. 

Kyle Lowry
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3. Point Guard - Kyle Lowry

A nuisance on the court, Kyle Lowry sets the tone every time he checks into a game. The six-time All-Star has transitioned more into a spark plug at this point in his career. Lowry has visibly lost a step, but his immense intelligence and feel for the game allow him to make an impact when his number gets called.

His defense is an issue, as he's a small guard who doesn't have the footspeed or size to keep up with many opponents. His shooting is streaky at best, and he doesn't get to the cup consistently enough to round out his game.

Lowry's hustle and scrappiness are commendable, but they don't mask his obvious shortcomings. The Clippers need to get younger and not be a basketball rehabilitation home. Unless his contract is for the minimum and he's nothing more than a locker-room leader, Lowry should have room on this team.