10 best LA Clippers in history by True Shooting %

Where does Kawhi Leonard rank in LA Clippers history by TS%?
Where does Kawhi Leonard rank in LA Clippers history by TS%? / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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5. Montrezl Harrell

By contrast, Harrell is closer to your typical TS% leader. Although, he's not exactly the player you picture in that context either. Harrell was a great pick-and-roll finisher during his time with the Clippers, but that's not all he was. 

Harrell was a versatile inside scorer. He used his faceup game and a variety of moves to create from-scratch offense. Most of his buckets came around the rim, but Harrell didn't rely solely on playmakers to create those buckets. That makes his TS% all the more impressive. 

4. DeAndre Jordan 

You want to see a TS% merchant? This is a TS% merchant. Of course Jordan was efficient - all he ever did was dunk the ball. 

That's not a knock on the longtime Clippers big man. His ability to catch lobs out of pick-and-roll sets made him a perfect compliment to Chris Paul. Moreover, Jordan was mostly in the game for his rim protection. The fact that he could finish plays so efficiently was just icing on the cake. 

3. James Donaldson 

Remember - this is not a list of the best players in LA Clippers history.

Donaldson played for roughly a season and a half for the Clippers. In 1984-85, he shot a blistering 63.7% from the field. This was an old-school big man - Donaldson shot 0 threes across the entire year. That's a recipe for a high TS%.