10 best LA Clippers in history by True Shooting %

Where does Kawhi Leonard rank in LA Clippers history by TS%?
Where does Kawhi Leonard rank in LA Clippers history by TS%? / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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8. Kawhi Leonard 

This may be the most impressive entry yet. The first two players on this list were valuable role players. Leonard is a primary offensive weapon. 

That makes it more difficult to maintain a high TS%. Yet, that's always been Leonard's calling card on offense. He picks his spots, and he's got fantastic shot selection. That's how he's crept up to 8th on this list. 

7. Luke Kennard

That's more like it. Another role player. 

In some respects, Kennard picked up where Redick left off for the Clippers. His 2017-18 rookie season was the year Redick left the squad. Like Redick, Kennard earned his efficiency by shooting a lot of threes, and hitting a high percentage of them.

6. Norman Powell 

It's nice to see (at least) a pair of current LA Clippers on this list. That tells us that the team still prioritizes efficiency. More notably, neither of the current Clippers we've seen so far are your traditional TS% merchants. 

Powell is not a three-point specialist. Like Leonard, he's called upon to create shots and score on all three levels. He just happens to do so with extraordinary efficiency.