10 best LA Clippers in history by True Shooting %

Where does Kawhi Leonard rank in LA Clippers history by TS%?
Where does Kawhi Leonard rank in LA Clippers history by TS%? / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Every team in the NBA values efficiency. Some purists wish that weren't the case. They value players based on their skill. Fair. Still, the most skilled players won't get run in the NBA if they can't put the ball in the basket regularly. 

The LA Clippers are no different. They've valued efficiency as often as any franchise. Throughout this organization's history, they've had some of the league's leaders in True Shooting % (TS%). 

What is TS%? It's a compound metric that aims to most accurately measure a player's overall efficiency. TS% aggregates field goals and free throws, and adjusts for three-pointers. 

Like any advanced stat, TS% is a useful tool. This is not a list of the top 10 players in LA Clippers history - far from it. Still, it's interesting to look at the top 10 Clippers career leaders in TS%. 

10. Nicolas Batum 

Let it be said that TS% does not always reward volume. If you checked into a game, knocked down one three, and checked back out, you'd finish the contest with a high TS%. 

So in a sense, the stat lets role players like Batum shine. Still, there's no denying the value Batum provided for the LA Clippers during his tenure with the team. Batum is a do-it-all utility wing, but if he wasn't so efficient, it wouldn't have been so easy to keep him on the floor. 

9. JJ Redick 

Younger fans may know Redick as the Old Man from a famous podcast. It wasn't so long ago that he was knocking down threes with jaw-dropping efficiency. 

Redick did a lot of his damage as a member of the LA Clippers. Between 2013 and 2017, Reddick shot below 40% from deep for the team just once (39.5% in 2013-14). With that efficiency, it's almost surprising that he isn't higher on this list.