1 Clippers player made an appearance at Kendrick Lamar concert

At the popular Southern California-based rapper's show, one of the Clippers' top players appeared on stage.
Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar / Timothy Norris/GettyImages

As the LA Clippers prepare to move to the state-of-the-art Intuit Dome for next season, there is still an understandably large amount of excitement surrounding this team despite their playoff shortcomings. Part of that is the prospect of the Clippers finally having their own arena, and no longer having to feel like they are living in the Lakers' shadow.

Part of it stems from how Steve Ballmer and the rest of the team's ownership feels like they are truly committing all their efforts to give the fans what they want in this new era, revamping the Clippers' uniforms and giving them what looks like an incredible in-arena experience at Intuit Dome that will truly cater to the fanbase and bring even greater value to what it means to be a Clipper fan.

But beyond that is the fact that this past season, four of LA's best and most recognizable players — Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, James Harden and Russell Westbrook — were all natives of Southern California. There is perhaps a greater sense of connectedness between the players and fans than there ever has been, with fans naturally finding it endearing that these high-level athletes that represent their city also grew up going to the same places and enjoying many of the same things.

Westbrook appeared on stage with Kendrick Lamar

So that makes it no surprise that on Wednesday night, we saw Russell Westbrook make an appearance at the Kendrick Lamar concert. Performing at The Forum in Inglewood, Compton-born Kendrick was of course already joined by a sellout Los Angeles crowd, but the inclusion of one of the most recognizable players from the Clippers made the event that much more of a party.

In photos and videos, Westbrook is seen on stage with Lamar along with Chicago Bulls guard DeMar DeRozan — who of course also hails from Southern California. It was a massive event, and Clippers fans had to be thrilled to see Russ enjoying his time hanging out with an artist that is one of a lot of locals' favorites.

Westbrook may have had a subpar season with the Clippers this past year, but his spirit is clearly alive and well. Regardless of whether he returns to the team in 2024-25 or not, it is clear that he still takes pride in his hometown and remains one of the most recognizable and loved professional athletes to come out of SoCal.