1 Thing Clippers fans should hope to see at new Intuit Dome

With the Clippers' new state-of-the-art arena opening up in a few months, there will be plenty for fans to look forward to.
Intuit Dome
Intuit Dome / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The end of this past season was undoubtedly disappointing for the LA Clippers, but disappointment should soon turn to excitement as the team makes their much-anticipated move to a brand new arena in a few short months. Finally leaving Crypto dot com Arena and moving cross-town to Inglewood, the Clips will make the brand new Intuit Dome their new home.

This is a project that has been in the works for many years. After living in the shadow of the Lakers for so long, the Clippers will now have their own unique home, and with it, a place where Clipper fandom will hopefully only continue to grow. This vision would never have come to light without the hard work and ingenuity of team owner Steve Ballmer.

The former Microsoft CEO was intentional from the start about crafting this arena to be a place suited specifically for basketball fans. All the unnecessary and distracting elements of an arena are left out, and the entire venue is constructed so that fans can enjoy the best experience possible.

Clippers fans can expect a top-tier experience at Intuit Dome

Sitting down with Paul George on his podcast last fall, Ballmer went into detail describing how fans can look forward to an all-around unrivaled fan experience at Intuit Dome. One of the most unique features of the arena is "The Wall," an area of seats behind one basket where 51 uninterrupted rows of more than 4,500 seats will provide a pristine viewing experience.

With the seats on "The Wall" being designed so they are uninterrupted as well as very close to the court itself, it is intended to mimic a college basketball atmosphere. Intuit will also feature a massive LED halo video scoreboard that boasts a surface area of more than one whole acre.

From there, other small details like a phone charging port at every seat in the arena as well as an extensive number of bathrooms are all designed to provide the fans a peak game experience. Ballmer has stated over and over that his biggest goal is to have fans in their seats, invested and interested in the game, and motivated to be cheering on the Clippers as hard as possible.

Through even more careful planning, Ballmer plans to make Intuit Dome a place where Clippers fans dominate their home arena and opposing fans are not as commonplace as many other home courts across the league. It is safe to say that everyone who calls themselves a proud Clipper fan should be thrilled to get to their team's new home court this fall and see all this fantastic new arena has to offer.