Grade the trade idea: LA Clippers receive James Harden in blockbuster trade

LA Clippers, James Harden, Paul George. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
LA Clippers, James Harden, Paul George. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports /
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Following an eventful regular season, the LA Clippers will be looking to improve significantly over the next few months. As Kawhi Leonard and Paul George appear to remain in Clipper uniforms, the front office is prioritizing the amount of star power they will need to win it all. It is evident that next season will likely decide the future of what LA is aiming to build.

Furthermore, it is almost certain that Russell Westbrook will be back next season for LA. However, the front office is not done just yet. News recently broke out that Philadelphia 76ers guard, James Harden, will be on the trade block, and the LA Clippers are the top destination.

This is excellent news for Clipper fans, as a trio of Harden, George, and Leonard will run through the Western Conference. Not to mention players like Terance Mann, Russell Westbrook, and Ivica Zubac will be there to shine in their given roles. This adds a ridiculous amount of depth to a squad with absurd star power.

Additionally, Harden is a former league MVP and has played with several teams across the NBA. This essentially means he has the experience, talent, and will to guide a franchise to the promised land. What’s more, he has played with Westbrook during his time with the Houston Rockets. These two teaming up once again, along with the talents of Leonard and George, only means a championship banner is coming soon.

That said, here is one trade package the LA Clippers can use to land one of the greatest shooting guards in the history of the NBA.