Injuries, once again, end the Clippers’ season early

Norman Powell, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Norman Powell, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Following a vicious performance in game four from Russell Westbrook, the LA Clippers fell short, leading to yet another early offseason. However, this season has not been any different than the previous three. Players may be traded, and coaches may be fired, but the common denominator is injuries.

Furthermore, it is safe to say that the LA Clippers would have made it past the first round if their superstar duo had remained healthy. Once Paul George went down, the team’s chances to compete for a title dropped significantly. This left tremendous pressure on the shoulders of Kawhi Leonard, who eventually went down with the same injury.

After the news was released on Leonard’s injury, fans instantly lost hope as the Clippers were playing one of the title favorites, the Phoenix Suns. This did not stop Westbrook and his squad, as they fought hard every game regardless of the outside noise.

The LA Clippers’ defense was unprepared for the Phoenix Suns’ offensive firepower.

From games one through five, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant flamed the LA Clippers’ defense on all three levels. From finishing around the rim, playing drop coverage, and not hustling back for fast breaks, these two, along with several others, showed how dominant they can be.

Though, in game five, the LA Clippers battled back but could not take care of the ball when it mattered most. This gave Phoenix extra opportunities, allowing them to rack up points off turnovers.

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With the season officially over, questions begin to rise as the LA Clippers have a franchise-altering decision to make. Regardless of what happens, the fans, coaches, players, and staff gave this season their all despite the shortcomings.