NBA GM survey overlooks the dominance of the LA Clippers

Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

As the regular season approaches, the ceiling of the LA Clippers is limitless. Not only does Head Coach Tyronn Lue have enough talent to lead his team to the first seed, but there is a good chance that the LA Clippers will make history this season. With a two-way superstar, Kawhi Leonard, making his return, it is inevitable that the Clippers will pave their way to a successful playoff run.

Furthermore, the LA Clippers have the league’s best coaching, talent, and firepower on both ends of the floor. If the Clippers can remain healthy, no team in the NBA stands a chance of stopping a championship run. Their historic Western Conference Finals appearance was the last time fans saw the Clippers at total health.

Through an NBA GM survey, the LA Clippers were highly voted as one of the best overall teams across the league. While many GMs have high expectations for the Clippers this season, several areas of the survey seemed irrational.

Moreover, it is clear how much potential the LA Clippers have this season. When evaluating their depth at each position, it is safe to say that the LA Clippers have solidified themselves as a top three seed in the Western Conference. Lue should have no problems leading his team to one of the best records in the NBA.

NBA General Managers have forgotten how great the LA Clippers can be when fully healthy.

From a general standpoint, there should be no reason why the LA Clippers have the third-best chance to win the NBA Finals. The only team that should be ahead is the Golden State Warriors (2022 NBA Champions). In addition, there are high hopes that Paul George will return to his MVP form this season. However, it is understandable why he is not ranked in the MVP conversation ahead of the 2022-23 NBA season.

Additionally, the survey had Leonard ranked as the fifth-best small forward in the NBA. This is an unfair assessment of Leonard’s performances, primarily because of his surreal playoff runs. Not to mention, Leonard has multiple championships, Finals MVPs, and Defensive Player of the Year awards. Leonard is, undoubtedly, one of the three best small forwards the league has to offer.

Another area of the survey that seemed entirely unreasonable was who is the best defensive team in the NBA. What’s more, is that these GMs did not have the LA Clippers ranked within their top three. With George and Leonard returning, plus Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, and John Wall, the LA Clippers deserve to be ranked as the NBA’s top defensive team. After missing the playoffs last season, it is easy to see why the LA Clippers had become so underrated on both ends of the floor.

Despite the countless miscues within this survey, many GMs were very high on Lue as the leader of the LA Clippers. Not only was Lue ranked the fifth best overall head coach in the NBA, but the NBA GMs voted Lue to have the most vital defensive scheme throughout the league.

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Based on their potential and roster depth, there is a clear gap between the LA Clippers and the rest of the NBA. This season will be the perfect opportunity for the LA Clippers to prove to the world that they are the league’s most well-rounded team.