Famous LA Clippers broadcaster defends take on Kawhi Leonard’s injury

Ralph Lawler, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Ralph Lawler, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Last Wednesday, Kawhi Leonard was seen working out pregame in Utah before the LA Clippers took on the Jazz.

Leonard has been rehabbing from his partially torn ACL, and many Clippers fans felt that it was refreshing to see Leonard moving with the ball, and working on his handles. Legendary Clippers broadcaster Ralph Lawler, however, saw it a bit differently. He wasn’t so impressed with what Leonard showed.

Some Clippers fans weren’t necessarily thrilled with the comments, as they saw this video to be positive. After all, it can be hard to be not encouraged by Leonard’s recovery in general due to Farbod Esnaashari reporting that Leonard is ahead of schedule in that rehab. That, along with Leonard showcasing the mobility that he did on the road trip had many fans excited.

One of many fans who disagreed with Lawler on Twitter was Paul Scheer (@paulscheer). He expressed that while Clipper Nation certainly has love for the great Lawler, he saw Lawler’s comment to be a little bit too negative.

Ralph Lawler has now addressed his tweet, responding to LA Clippers fans who saw the Kawhi Leonard video differently.

Two days later, Ralph Lawler responded to Scheer about his comment on Kawhi Leonard’s injury:

As Scheer originally pointed out, he knows that Lawler was just calling it how he saw it. He, like many Clipper fans, expressed that he feels Lawler has occasionally been a bit negative towards the team as of late. Lawler clearly feels no obligation to change his mindset.

The next day, he wanted to make sure he pointed out how much he loves this team as well:

He continued to explain that while he does love Kawhi, he believes the video showed nothing of importance:

After that, Lawler even went back to Scheer’s tweet, attempting to set the record straight once again on what he feels are unfair accusations. He even expressed that he saw Scheer’s comments as “prejudice:”

At the end of the day, Lawler, Scheer, myself, and all other Clippers fans just want to see Leonard back in action. It’s an awkward time for Clipper Nation, as we came into this season not only not knowing what to expect without Leonard, but not knowing when to expect him back.

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Now, we’ve been dealing with even more injuries to key players, and the one way we can GUARANTEE ourselves as championship contenders is if Leonard comes back. While Lawler may not see Leonard’s documented recovery as encouraging, we all wish the best for him, and can’t wait to welcome him back.