Famed LA Clippers announcer unimpressed with Kawhi Leonard’s recovery

Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

Kawhi Leonard was recently spotted working out pregame on Wednesday and recorded by Andrew Greif of the LA Times.

Many LA Clippers fans were encouraged by the fact that Leonard was able to work on his game, and work on his ballhandling while in recovery for a partially torn ACL. Even these partial tears can take over a year to recover from, so seeing Leonard healthy enough to work on his game and moving with the ball was exciting for much of Clipper Nation. Not everyone, however, was particularly impressed.

Famous Clippers broadcaster Ralph Lawler clearly wasn’t buying the hype when it came to the footage of Leonard working out. As expected, not all Clipper fans were on board with what some consider to be pessimism from Lawler.

Many LA Clippers fans expressed displeasure with what Lawler had to say about Kawhi Leonard’s recovery.

Paul Scheer (@paulscheer) made it clear that while LA Clippers fans are huge fans of Lawler’s, he felt that the comment may have been a little unnecessarily negative:

Considering the ratio of likes that Lawler’s tweet had to Scheer’s it’s clear that lots of Clippers fans agree with Scheer. Many other Clipper fans even responded to the tweet as well, as you can go through and read by clicking on his original tweet.

Another tweet that received a much higher amount of likes than Lawler’s tweet did was this one by Jamal Cristopher (@JamCristopher), where he expressed his displeasure with Lawler’s comment as well:

The video of Leonard may not have shown that he’s soon to be participating in high-intensity, five-on-five workouts. If that’s all where Lawler’s coming from, then that’s one thing.

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However, it is very reasonable for Clipper fans to have been quite encouraged by Leonard being able to move around the way he was, and work on his handles and shot-making on a road trip. I wrote about it myself. One thing I’m sure we can all agree on, however, is that we all want Leonard back, and know we can make another run at the conference if he’s healthy and ready to go by playoff time.