You won’t believe the names ahead of Ty Lue for Coach of the Year odds

Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports /

This season looks to be setting up to be a major opportunity for LA Clippers Head Coach Ty Lue to win the league’s Coach of the Year award.

He built up so much momentum as a coach last year in both the regular season and the playoffs, as he battled with injuries to his key players all year. He never got the full respect he deserved as a Coach of the Year candidate because the expectations for this team were already high.

Now with the expectations from the national analysts down, this is a major opportunity for Lue to show the world what type of coach he is. WynnBET, however, doesn’t see it this way.

LA Clippers Head Coach Ty Lue has the 13th-best odds for Coach of the Year.

Ty Lue should have some of the best odds in the entire league to win Coach of the Year, but instead is stuck at +1750.

Some of the guys ahead of him aren’t egregious. For instance, Monty Williams is ahead of him, and it’s at least understandable that the 2021 NBCA Coach of the Year is being listed ahead.

Erik Spoelstra has the second-best odds at +800. That’s understandable as well, as he’s been one of the top coaches in the game for quite some time now, and has a little bit more talent to work with this season than he did last year.

Many of these names, however, make absolutely no sense.

Steve Nash’s +750 odds lead the pack. He had one of the greatest scorers of all time and another one of the greatest scorers in the entire NBA on his team, to go along with another star in Kyrie Irving last year. That’s two superstars, along with another star at his disposal.

Despite not having the talent that Nash had last year, Lue still got his team to the Conference Finals (unlike Brooklyn) despite dealing with more injuries than the Nets and being in a tougher conference.

When Irving was hurt, everyone decided to feel bad for the Nets. When Leonard and Ibaka went down, however, Lue rose to the challenge and had a much better season.

Nash didn’t even have any sort of impressive coaching resume before he was hired. As for our coach, Lue has won an NBA Championship against the greatest regular season team of all time, and once won three consecutive conference titles.

I don’t see what adversity Nash is facing that warrants his job to not be considered easy. They stacked up their roster to win now and to win big. It’s the same deal for this year’s roster too.

Billy Donovan is listed as having the third-best odds at +900. That’s right, the same Donovan who has been a walking first round exit in his career, and couldn’t even make the postseason last year is listed ahead of Lue for Coach of the Year.

The Bulls aren’t even Eastern Conference contenders, and he hasn’t accomplished even close to what Lue has over the course of his career.

Steve Kerr is tied for the fourth-best odds at +1000, despite him not being able to make the playoffs either. It must be tough to be Kerr. He only has a two-time MVP and all-time great point guard in Steph Curry, a great all-around player in Draymond Green, a solid Andrew Wiggins, and a No. 1 overall pick on his team.

He has a good team and still couldn’t even make the playoffs this past year. Just a year before his team was one of the worst in the entire NBA. We know what kind of coach Kerr is, and he’s not as good as Lue.

It’s also pretty laughable that Frank Vogel, who needed a play-in game to make the postseason last year is tied for seventh at +1300. He had one player go down and responded by getting bounced from the playoffs right away, despite Chris Paul also being hurt for the Suns. Ty Lue had a much better player in Kawhi Leonard go down along with Ibaka, and responded by going to the Western Conference Finals.

Having him ahead of Lue to be the best coach is insane. Then again, this whole list is straight nonsense. Even Jason Kidd is listed ahead of Lue.

Is this list just tossing names out there? Kidd, who made a fool out of himself the last time he coached, is ahead of the guy who coaches the team that absolutely owns that Mavericks franchise. Kidd cracked the top 10 at +1400.

More evidence that this list is just simply listing random coaches is Ime Udoka being ahead of Lue. This list is just absolutely ridiculous. Udoka, who’s never coached before, is more likely to be the better coach this year than a three-time Conference Champion who has a ring against the greatest regular season team of all time?

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This is just embarrassing at this point. I don’t know how this happened, but I’m ready for Lue to prove doubters wrong once again.