LA Clippers: 3 new players that will thrill fans all season long

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Keon Johnson
Tennessee’s Keon Johnson (45) scores on Florida during the NCAA mens basketball game between the Tennessee Volunteers and Florida Gators in Knoxville, Tenn. on Sunday, March 7, 2021.Kn Ut Florida /

No. 1 new player that will thrill LA Clippers fans all season long: Keon Johnson

Keon Johnson is going to be a nice relief for LA Clippers fans as they watch their team navigate a major portion of the season without Kawhi Leonard.

Johnson is no Kawhi, but he has many similar qualities. Admitting that he models his game after the two-way superstar, he’s another long wing who is exceptional on the defensive end.

He too, provides his team many fast break opportunities due to his strong defense, and has a solid mid-range game. He’s a good finisher, and he’s quick. He’ll be able to slash at a high level on our team, and our spacing is going to be really good and allow for that consistently.

It’s a great fit that the fans are going to like right away. Again, he’s no Kawhi, but he’s already got a skillset that correlates very well to this team, and he’ll be able to learn from other similar players such as Paul George, Terance Mann, and of course Leonard.

The fans already love this pick for the most part, and will continue to as the season goes on.

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This team is going to be exciting, but a lot of it is about how exciting the new players are going to be.