LA Clippers lineup: Defining Reggie Jackson’s role in rotation this year

Reggie Jackson, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Reggie Jackson, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

When the LA Clippers re-signed Reggie Jackson this offseason, I immediately knew that they were back in contention for the Western Conference.

Reggie Jackson is going to be massive this season as a starter for the Clippers.

He can play many different roles with this team.

Reggie Jackson is so effective with the LA Clippers due to his versatility.

When Reggie Jackson runs the point for the LA Clippers, good things happen. It’s interesting how the Clips went off as soon as he was inserted into the starting lineup at point guard for the Clippers.

When he’s running the point, he’s able to use all of his strengths. A good passer, opposing defenses have to respect his playmaking ability with so many great options for the Clippers on the wings (especially when Kawhi Leonard gets back). Jackson’s averaged up to 6.2 assists per game before.

Also, he’s a great ballhandler and knows how to get to the hoop. He’s quick, so overplaying Jackson isn’t a good idea.

But when Jackson’s running the point, teams can’t exactly apply zero ball pressure. If they do that, he’ll shoot over the top. He shot 43.3% from deep in the postseason last year.

He has such a good feel for how to score.

When Patrick Beverley or Rajon Rondo (or Jason Preston) steps in to handle the ball, that three-point shot makes Jackson deadly on the wing. The defense has to respect his slashing ability as well, which has always been a part of his game when he’s playing in the two-guard spot.

Jackson’s abilities as a combo guard unlock this offense. He excels in both spots, and he’s clutch. He earned the nickname ‘Mr. June’ for a reason, as he was truly dominant in the playoffs.

Jackson always seemed to find ways to hit buckets when they were needed the most. He seemed to find a way to provide whatever the Clips needed. He’s even capable on defense, where his quickness tends to pay off and be of use on that end.

Jackson compliments the other guards on this team. For instance, when Beverley steps onto the court, he’s in there for elite defense. Having a point guard who can put the opposition in prison, and then having a combo guard on the other end who can beat teams in whatever way he pleases is a truly great backcourt.

If Beverley, Rondo, or Preston handles the ball, having Jackson be able to help facilitate the offense on another part of the court is huge for play design. Remember, this is the same Jackson that dropped 9.3 dimes per game one postseason. He can find the open man and set up plays from wherever he is on the court.

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No matter his role on the floor as the point guard or the shooting guard, Jackson is going to feast for the Clips next year. Re-signing him truly unlocks all of the best parts of this offense, and he’s a player who always raises his game when the lights are brightest.