LA Clippers: 3 players who should love Justise Winslow signing

Justise Winslow. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
Justise Winslow. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports /
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Paul George, LA Clippers
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No. 1 LA Clipper who should love Justise Winslow signing: Paul George

Paul George has to be happy with Justise Winslow signing with the LA Clippers.

Again, we know what Winslow is capable of on defense. I haven’t even brought up how he averaged more than a steal per game the last time he played a full year, despite him averaging less than 30 minutes per game.

When PG heard the news about Kawhi Leonard’s partially torn ACL, he probably came to the realization that he was going to be getting each opponent’s toughest assignment on defense.

He still will with Winslow in the mix, but switches are going to be easy with another lengthy wing on the court who has athleticism on the defensive end.

And in the possessions where George can’t pick up the other team’s best man for other reasons, he won’t have to worry about it as much due to Winslow being capable of going and getting a stop.

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George was under a lot of pressure this past postseason. That’s likely going to continue with Kawhi maybe out for a while. The Winslow signing has the potential to help out with that, and give George a bit more of a cushion than he was previously set to have.