LA Clippers lock up Reggie Jackson, set themselves up to contend again

Reggie Jackson, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Reggie Jackson, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

When Reggie Jackson credited the LA Clippers to “saving” him, it was clear he wanted to re-sign in LA.

With the Clippers low on cash this offseason, though, many speculated whether they really would be able to get a deal done or not.

The Clippers had been having a near-silent free agency period, but then popped up all of the sudden with some great news. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Jackson intends to sign a deal with the Clips today.

Re-signing Jackson was priority number two for the Clippers this offseason, second only to re-signing Kawhi Leonard this offseason. This is a huge day for the Clippers’ offseason, as it assures them that they will be competing for a championship again this year.

The LA Clippers re-signing of Reggie Jackson sets themselves up for contention again this year.

The LA Clippers went crazy this postseason when they inserted Reggie Jackson into the starting lineup.

Jackson hit big shot after big shot, and made an immediate impact on a roster that was handicapped with Serge Ibaka injured, and later Leonard and Ivica Zubac out.

Jackson was one of the top three players of the playoffs for the Clippers, and helped lead the Clips to the Western Conference Finals despite not having Kawhi on the team since Game 5 of a tied Western Conference Semifinal series.

Jackson was so impressive in the postseason that he earned the nickname of ‘Mr. June.’

In the postseason last year, Jackson shot 40.8% from three, and 48.4% in general. He scored 17.8 points per game, and exceled in both guard spots throughout the postseason.

He’s versatile, and his impact on the Clips was special last season. I really don’t know where the team would have been without him last year, and re-signing him was about as crucial as it gets for the Clippers.

Now, it doesn’t matter so much that the Clips missed out on Lonzo Ball, or Kyle Lowry, or Spencer Dinwiddie. The Clippers re-signed the guard that got them to where they were last year despite all the adversity.

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They’ll be in the mix yet again, and the future will be a whole lot brighter once he signs along the dotted line for those two years.