LA Clippers: 3 free agent targets that pair nicely with Paul George

LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Clippers, Paul George
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Paul George is of course going to be a huge part of the future for the LA Clippers.

After signing a contract extension last year that guaranteed up to $226 million, it’s going to be important for the Clippers to keep him in mind as much as they can when trying to figure out which pieces they should round out the roster with.

In free agency, there are a few guys who would surely work really well with George, and the Clippers need to take note.

No. 3 free agent target for the LA Clippers that pairs nicely with Paul George: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Paul George and the rest of the LA Clippers unfortunately know Tim Hardaway Jr. a little bit too well.

He had so much success vs. the Clippers this year in both the regular season and postseason.

In his three regular season contests, he averaged 18 points per game, nailing 12 of 24 three-point shots. He was 21 of 38 from the field. In the postseason, he put up 17 points per game vs. the Clips on 41.6% shooting and hit 40.4% of his threes.

He’s one of the biggest reasons the Mavericks always play us tough, and if we could get him on our side, it could be a big deal. With the Clips potentially down Kawhi Leonard for a significant portion of next year, we’re going to need another wing who can shoot.

If Hardaway is signed, George has another wing he can trust to hit big shots when needed. It takes pressure off of our star in PG, just as Hardaway seems to always relieve pressure off of Luka Doncic at the most opportune times.