LA Clippers: 3 things the team can improve in Orlando regular season

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LA Clippers

LA Clippers (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)

2) Rotations

What exactly will the Clippers postseason rotation look like? That’s still extremely up in the air.

Doc Rivers is going to have to use the eight games to figure that out. There are a few questions he’ll have to answer.

How deep will he go?

Will he opt for small ball at times or try and stay big?

Who is going to be the closing lineup?

I have a theory about that last one and I’m sure most of Clipper Nation will agree. The closers will most likely be Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Montrezl Harrell.

Will one of those three scorers (Williams, George, and Leonard) be on the court at all times? Should we group Marcus Morris in with that group so the Clippers always have a player who can create shots on the floor?

The closing lineup is the only thing I feel certain about though. I don’t know if Morris will see meaningful minutes at center. I don’t know if Doc will even use Landry Shamet in the postseason much at all once he has rejoined the team.

These eight games will determine a lot and give Rivers and the rest of the coaching staff a good feel for what will need to happen in the postseason. Hopefully eight games is enough.

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