LA Clippers: Luckily Landry Shamet’s COVID-19 diagnosis came early

The LA Clippers got lucky that Landry Shamet’s COVID-19 diagnosis came early.

When news broke that someone in the team’s traveling party had indeed tested positive for COVID-19, the LA Clippers acted quickly. The team shut down the practice facility as a precaution and began to get their plan together. It was revealed Saturday that the player who tested positive was Landry Shamet.

Let’s be honest. The Clippers got lucky on several fronts.

First off, Shamet is asymptomatic. Although a diagnosis is obviously a horrible thing, being asymptomatic makes it slightly better. Shamet hopefully will continue to be without symptoms and can rejoin the team after he has completed his quarantine. He also can continue to work out in his home in LA while still practicing quarantine protocols.

Secondly, the Clippers found out prior to the team actually departing for Orlando. The team leaves on July 8, so finding out right at the start of the month gives them time to retest everyone else in the travel party and clean out the practice facility. The team can depart and get down to Orlando on time without any further concern.

Finally, Shamet finding out about his diagnosis so early really works out with the timing of the schedule. The Clippers have been given the first scrimmage of the restarted season on July 22, which is a little more than two weeks away. Assuming Shamet tests negatively in 14 days, he could in theory join the team and be present for the start of the scrimmages. Maybe he won’t be cleared to participate in the first game but he should be very close to returning and will likely make it back soon enough to at least participate in one.

Obviously we hope that Shamet recovers quickly and that those around him are able to stay healthy. Still, given everything that has gone down with his diagnosis, both he and the Clippers should consider themselves a little lucky. We hope Shamet recovers quickly and in the meantime, make sure to check back here often for all your LA Clippers news, rumors, and more!