LA Clippers: Players react to George Floyd protests

LA ClippersLou WilliamsPatrick Beverley (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
LA ClippersLou WilliamsPatrick Beverley (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

LA Clippers players have taken to social media to give their thoughts on the George Floyd protests.

The United States is still dealing with the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Protests have occurred in all fifty states with some other nations even joining in support. The protests are about much more than just one single death, however. Companies, organizations, and individuals are all weighing in, offering whatever support they can. The LA Clippers and head coach Doc Rivers already put out a statement regarding the issue.

If you missed that statement, it read:

"“My father was a 30-year veteran of the Chicago police department, and if he were still with us right now, he’d be hurt and outraged by the senseless acts of racial injustice that continue to plague our country. Being black in America is tough. I’ve personally been called more racial slurs than I can count, been pulled over many times because of the color of my skin, and even had my home burned down.The response we are seeing across the nation, to the murder of George Floyd, is decades in the making. Too often, people rush to judge the response, instead of the actions that prompted it. We have allowed too many tragedies to pass in vain. This isn’t an African-American issue. This is a human issue. Our society must start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation and do the right thing. Silence and inactivity are not acceptable anymore. Now is the time to speak. November is the time to vote. Your words carry a lot of weight and your ballots carry even more. The day has come to confront real problems, and be part of the solution.”"

Now, LA Clippers players are taking to social media to share their thoughts on the situation.

Patrick Beverley has already discussed that he was nervous to return so early due to the coronavirus but now with everything else happening in the world, he doesn’t think basketball should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind.

There’s no real arguing against that. While sports are important to many, the systemic racism that plagues our country is vastly more important. There’s no doubt in my mind that Beverley will be ready to play on July 31 – he’s just that type of guy – but I understand that at this point in time it’s a complete afterthought.

On Instagram, guard Lou Williams committed to donating $25 thousand to help pay for the bonds of Atlanta based protestors. Williams’s donation is one of many contributions by professional athletes, but don’t let that diminish its impact. There is no donation too small. Continue to help in any way you can as Lou Will is doing.

Players are showing how they can help with both their voice and their donations. It’s amazing to see such an outpour from athletes around the country. Hopefully together, we can bring about change.