LA Clippers: Does a 1+1 deal make sense for Montrezl Harrell?

LA Clippers Montrezl Harrell (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Montrezl Harrell (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

With the salary cap lowering next season, does Montrezl Harrell taking a 1+1 deal make sense for both him and the LA Clippers?

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, sources are sure that the salary cap for the 2020-2021 NBA season will be lowered. For the LA Clippers, re-signing Montrezl Harrell is something that will have to be addressed this offseason. Does a 1+1 (the plus one being a player option) deal make sense for both parties?

For the Clippers, they can re-sign him using his bird rights to add him while going over the cap. Re-signing Trezz to only a one year deal keeps valuable space open for next postseason when both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will be eligible for new deals. While Trezz is important to the team, it’s hard to argue that he’s more valuable than either of those two. Still, he more than deserves to get paid and a one year deal allows the team to do just that.

Think back to just two seasons ago when J.J. Redick got a huge one year deal from Philadelphia. They knew they wouldn’t be able to pay him longterm but did give him $23 million for one season. The Clippers could show Trezz some respect by giving him a large amount next season with the understanding that he would agree to a more team-friendly deal the next year.

But why would Trezz do this? Granted, he does have less incentive. He has earned a big payday and has every reason to go out and try to get it, whether from the Clippers or another team. Still, the decrease in the salary cap may limit his options. The free agency class in the summer of 2021 is stacked with big names and many teams are looking to position themselves. Due to that, teams may not be willing to hand out big long-term deals this summer as they keep their options open.

By taking a one year deal with the Clippers, Trezz can keep his options open for next summer. Not every team will land their big-name player of choice and will then have money to give to someone like Trezz. He could land his long-term deal while still helping the Clippers in the interim.

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