LA Clippers need to add a guard despite poor market

With two open roster spots and an injury to Patrick Beverley, it has become apparent that the LA Clippers need to sign a guard soon.

The LA Clippers have to sign a point guard and soon. As of now, we don’t know the extent of Patrick Beverley‘s groin injury. That alone is enough reason to be aggressive with those in the buyout market. The only other point guard currently on the Clippers’ roster is Terance Mann, a rookie who has shown small flashes here and there but has not gained Doc Rivers‘ trust. If the playoffs were to start today, Lou Williams would likely have to start which would take away from one of the top benches in the league. You see the problem here?

With two open roster spots and the Los Angeles Lakers also searching for guard help, the need is even more pronounced.

There’s an issue though. The buyout market doesn’t have anyone outstanding on it. The closest to a decent player is likely Reggie Jackson but he hasn’t even been officially bought out yet.

There are other possible options on the market including Tyler Johnson, JR Smith (a free agent all season), and Dion Waiters but none are really playmakers. With Darren Collison deciding to stay retired, the Clippers will just have to take what they can get.

Jackson is likely the best route for the Clippers. He won’t provide the same type of grit as Patrick Beverley, who the team desperately needs on the court, but he is a solid veteran who can at least run the offense in his absence.

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The team has apparently talked about meeting with Tyler Johnson since he has become available but he is probably best served on just a ten-day contract in order to see what he can actually add to this roster. In theory, he would be able to playmake some while providing size and scoring but given his stint in Phoenix this season, we would need to see some drastic change.

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Whoever the team chooses needs to be someone who is fine with getting few to no playoff minutes. If Bev is healthy, the team will likely just run the second unit through Lou Williams instead of opting for a traditional point guard in the second unit. Still, Beverley’s groin injury needs to evoke a sense of purpose in this front office and they need to add depth to this roster sooner rather than later.

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