Darren Collison declines comeback for LA Clippers or Lakers

Sunday afternoon, it was reported that retired guard Darren Collison will not be making a comeback to the NBA this season for the LA Clippers or Lakers.

After a month or so of “will he, won’t he?” Darren Collison has elected not to return to the NBA, per Adrian Wojnarowski. This comes as a surprise to many who had already gotten to the point of wondering which team would sign him. It had seemed to come down to the Clippers or the Lakers, with many pegging the Lakers as the favorite.

Collison retired unexpectedly last season after averaging 11 points and 6 assists in 28 minutes for the Indiana Pacers. A Jehovah’s Witness, he cited religious reasons for his retirement.

Recently, Darren Collison was seen courtside at a Lakers game, taking in the sights with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, leading many to think that the Lakers were in the driver’s seat.

This should be seen as nothing but a good thing for Clipper Nation. Here at Clipperholics, we’ve already discussed how Darren Collison wouldn’t be a good signing, and how Reggie Jackson would be a much better target.

So on the one hand, this ensures that the team doesn’t sign a player who, in the minds of a lot of us, would not be a worthy free agent signing. Not only would his role have been somewhat redundant for the Clippers, but some would also argue that his personality and previous legal troubles did not fit well with the team culture.

On the other hand, it keeps the Lakers from signing a guy who would actually make a difference! The Lakers need another ballhandler to replace Rondo, and the skillset DC brings would have fit very well on their team.

So in one swoop, we avoid making a (at best) lateral movement, and the other Los Angeles team avoids getting better!

As far as the reasoning goes, Collison just said that the timing wasn’t right. He didn’t feel that he was ready for a return, and isn’t sure if the right time will come in the future. This means, prepare for all this drama all over again soon!

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