LA Clippers: Reliving 2019’s trade deadline & why we won’t get a repeat

In 2019 the LA Clippers were part of a late-night blockbuster deal that sent Tobias Harris among others to Philadelphia. Don’t expect a repeat this year.

On February 6, 2019, Clipper Nation was surprised to see a Woj bomb surrounding the LA Clippers light up their phone in the middle of the night. The Clippers had traded their borderline All-Star Tobias Harris to Philadelphia in exchange for a collection of players and picks. After that, they dealt with the Los Angeles Lakers and acquired Ivica Zubac.

At the time, fans were stunned. The Clippers with Harris looked like a team destined for the playoffs. He, alongside Danilo Gallinari, made the team have enough of a 1-2 scoring punch in the starting unit. All of the sudden, he was gone and the Clippers were left with Landry Shamet, a rookie out of Witchita State, Wilson Chandler, and a young center who the Lakers had apparently given up on. To make matters worse, we had to give up Boban Marjanovic in the deal to Philly.


As we all know, the result was a lot better than expected. Landry Shamet impressed us, Ivica Zubac looked like he just needed a chance to play, the team made the playoffs, and the Clippers got cap relief that led to them having the best summer in franchise history.

This trade deadline, don’t expect anything nearly similar.

The Clippers figure to be players in the trade market. Even though Woj doubts they make any significant moves before Thursday’s deadline, the team is exploring their options. There has been rumored interest in players like Marcus Morris, Robert Covington, Kris Dunn, among others but none of those are really going to take much more than Maurice Harkless, a pick and some other salary filler.

Do we want a cool move to push this team closer to winning a championship? Of course. Is there really a move that will considerably move the needle? Probably not. A small move might happen and we’ll, of course, analyze it into the ground but it won’t be similar.

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With the core of the Clippers likely staying the same, Clipper Nation should be able to sleep soundly on Wednesday night. A deal may or may not go down but nothing will be like last year’s deadline. Then again, we thought that last season…

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