Clippers will stand pat until LeBron James’ decision


The Los Angeles Clippers will reportedly stand pat in free agency until LeBron James has made his decision on where he will go.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Los Angeles Clippers will wait to make any free agency moves until LeBron James makes his own free agency decision. This news came during the network’s mock draft special earlier tonight.

This is surprising, considering the team has seemingly no chance at the biggest free agent of the summer.

We have talked LeBron to the Clippers ad naseum here, but it never seemed like a real possibility. We learned earlier in the season that Jerry West was brought in partly to help lure The King to Los Angeles. But, does stopping the whole process of free agency for one man really make sense?

Does this make sense?

It does. LeBron will likely have most teams pause their free agency plans just in case he decides he is interested to come to them. His move will likely also dictate what several other key players do, such as Paul George.

The Clippers don’t have a lot of money to play around with during free agency and don’t want to blow up the team if they don’t think they can bring a big name player like James. The team will likely end up with no LeBron, but with nothing meaningful to be done outside of a trade, the Clippers may as well wait.

If on some crazy whim LeBron does decide he wants to be a Clipper, the front office will have to act immediately. Austin Rivers would likely need to opt out of his deal and either leave or sign for a lower amount. The team would also have to find someone to take on Wesley Johnson’s deal, as he recently opted in. With the Clippers and Milos Teodosic likely not reuniting, that helps the cap space some.

The main pieces to move though would be either Danilo Gallinari or DeAndre Jordan. Gallo would likely require a draft pick attached in order to move, but DJ could theoretically be part of a sign and trade.

As stated above, it’s unlikely The King comes to the Clippers, but there’s no harm in being patient and seeing how everything shakes out.