Los Angeles Clippers: Analyzing the possibility of signing LeBron James

CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 5: LeBron James /

With LeBron James pending free-agency, we look at the possibility of him joining the Los Angeles Clippers this summer.

LeBron James could be a free agent this summer. He reportedly wants to come to LA in the off-season per numerous reports and the Lakers have proved nothing this season, while the Los Angeles Clippers have proven to be a dynamic team with heart.

Speculating about LeBron´s position within the Cavaliers organization, from the Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, and the coaching staff leads to the assumption that LeBron is more than likely to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers General Manager, Koby Altman, was entrusted with the difficult task of satisfying LeBron James. Before the trade deadline, the Cavs completely revamped their team, making numerous trades. These trades constructed a team that is deemed better than the last Cavs team, a  younger cohort and a fresh start for LeBron. Altman moved a total of six players before the 2018 trade deadline and a first-round draft pick. This move was the supposed to be the move that created a championship caliber team, however the Cavs have under-preformed and lost their first game of the playoffs to the Pacers in round one.

The LA Clippers advantage in taking LeBron James is significant because of numerous reports of his family wanting to move to the LA Area. LeBron owns a home in LA as well, his wife was reportedly looking into private schooling in the LA area.

Although the Lakers have the cap space to sign a max deal with LeBron James in the off-season, their roster is not as dynamic as the Clippers. In addition, LeBron wants to be in LA because of the potential to advance his brand in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The team would likely have to either convince LeBron to take a massive pay cut, or more likely, perform a sign-and-trade with the Cavs.

The Clippers now have a great asset in Jerry West, the mastermind behind the newfound dynasty of the Golden State Warriors. If anyone could bring a star to the Clippers, he could. Jerry West´s input in the Clippers trades has been significant to the Clippers success this season despite multiple star injuries. Jerry West was hired to recruit stars and build a championship caliber team.

James´ legacy will be overshadowed if he joins the Lakers because of the legacy of great players that are synonymous with the Lakers  franchise. In joining the Clippers, LeBron could be a dynasty creator in LA and that is only possible with a the Clippers.

LeBron James just may be a Clipper.