The Los Angeles Clippers must try to acquire Kawhi Leonard

SAN ANTONIO, TX - APRIL 24: Kawhi Leonard
SAN ANTONIO, TX - APRIL 24: Kawhi Leonard /

With the news breaking that Kawhi Lenoard wants out of San Antonio, it’s time for the Los Angeles Clippers to try and acquire the star forward.

Reports have come out that the San Antonio Spurs’ star forward, Kawhi Leonard, wants out. With this news now official, it’s time for the Los Angeles Clippers to do whatever it takes to bring the Finals MVP to the team.

There will be a few wrinkles to bringing him into the fold, however. According to one report, he has expressed a desire to play in New York. If you look at a map, the Clippers are not located in New York. In fact, they are on the opposite side of the country.

Woj, on the other hand, heard that Kawhi wishes to play for the Lakers. While he would at least be in the right city, it would be for the wrong team.

The good news for the Clippers? The Spurs have the final say in where Kawhi ends up since he is still under contract. Yes, the team would be taking a risk by bringing him to a team that hasn’t interested him (at least to our knowledge), but a year with the franchise may convince him to stay.


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The Clippers have several pieces that could be offered in a trade to the Spurs. The main two options would be the two lottery picks in this years draft. Since the picks are mid-round, they likely wouldn’t be enough. A player, such as Tobias Harris, would also have to be part of the deal. If the Spurs were interested in say, DeAndre Jordan or Avery Bradley, they would have to be convinced to opt-in to their current deals.

While there’s not a clear cut path and teams like Boston or Philadelphia have possibly more appealing assets, the team must still try to get Kawhi. A two-way talent like him isn’t available too often and adding him to the roster would jumpstart the retooling of the team.

The Clippers may not succeed, but they need to try and find an offer that interests the Spurs. Getting Kawhi Leonard is too good to pass up.