Addressing the Latest DeAndre Jordan/Houston Rockets Rumors

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: DeAndre Jordan
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: DeAndre Jordan /

The latest news regarding DeAndre Jordan suggests that the Rockets as a possible landing spot for the Los Angeles Clippers big man.

According to Rockets Wire, DeAndre Jordan is “seriously interested in joining the Rockets” per sources. The integrity of this information remains questionable, and therefore should be treated as all of the other DJ team-changing rumors, with a grain of salt (in my opinion). All through the Los Angeles Clippers’ struggling 2017-2018 season rumors of Jordan landing on another NBA roster have come and gone. Despite all the rumors, through an offseason and a trade-deadline, Jordan has remained on the Clippers.

That much is good news for Clippers fans wishing to keep the big man. There is no need to panic until Jordan starts to actually meet with other teams’ offices (if he does). The Rockets Wire article introduces Jordan as a veteran who would be a good option if current starting center Clint Capela leaves Houston. It goes on to say that according to a source, DeAndre Jordan has been in “the ears of multiple Rockets players throughout the season, expressing his longtime desire to play in his hometown.”

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The article also uses Jordan’s 2015 offseason drama with the Dallas Mavericks as further evidence to suggest his possible departure in the offseason.

When all of this “evidence” is totaled, we are left with unnamed sources and a shaky 2015 offseason as support for the idea of DeAndre Jordan joining the Rockets. That, and the cliché “hometown” excuse to join a team. We are also left with the writers’ opinion that Jordan is a backup plan for the possibility of Capela leaving.

The truth is, Jordan could sign anywhere in the offseason should he deny his player option with the Clippers for the 2018-2019 season. That means he could land on any of the 30 teams in the league. Despite any rumors that come and go, any panic from fans should be withheld until further information reveals Jordan’s plans. Do I believe that Jordan could be in a Rocket’s uniform next season? Well, it is possible, however it is also possible that LeBron James takes his talents to Brooklyn and Kevin Durant returns to the Thunder. Anything is possible, but what ideas are worth entertaining at this point with such obscure evidence and opinion?