Los Angeles Clippers: Paul George says playing in LA would be fun

During his exit interview with the Thunder, Paul George stated that playing at home in LA would be fun. Does this help the Los Angeles Clippers?

Paul George spoke with media members as part of his exit interview over the weekend. While answering questions about the Oklahoma City Thunder’s future, PG did make mention that playing at home in California could be fun. Does this help the Los Angeles Clippers?

The short answer: Not really.

The long answer? No, but it doesn’t hurt any hope we may have either. The Lakers are often brought up as his target franchise in Los Angeles, but the Clippers could still be a viable option. Nothing in this interview made it seem like George would stay with the Thunder, especially considering he mentioned going through the process of meeting teams and giving non-committal answers.

You can check out the full exit video here, with his answer about playing at home at the 12:35 mark.

The real question here is not whether or not PG wants the Clippers, but if the Clippers should bother pursuing PG. Our own Paul Tooke doesn’t think he’s worth the trouble, especially considering his shoddy playoff performance this season along with his potential price tag.

Others, such as Site Expert Garrett Chorpenning, think he is a superstar who is worth going after. The summer could get very interesting, with multiple stars possibly changing teams. The PG situation will be especially interesting, as his signing could set up free agency for the next couple of seasons.