Locked on Clippers May 3: Tyrone Wallace and Paul George, Please

In today’s edition of Locked on Clippers, I talk about whether the Clippers should pursue Paul George, Tyrone Wallace’s contract, and the NBA Playoffs.

Today’s Locked on Clippers podcast is a big one. Not only is it the longest in length so far, but I covered some big topics that need to be discussed.

First off, Paul George. Should the Los Angeles Clippers go after him this summer?

I think George would be a great option for the team, however, getting ahold of him would be rather difficult. Given the team’s limited cap space, the Clippers would have to give up at the very least DeAndre Jordan. In addition, letting Avery Bradley walk would be nice, and Austin Rivers opting against exercising his player option would be a bonus.

Unfortunately, the price for George is high. Unless he signs for less than expected, the Clippers will lose a few assets in bringing him in.

After going over the George situation, I talked about Tyrone Wallace‘s current situation. As you may or may not know, the two sides have been unable to reach a deal, despite holding several meetings.

Wallace was one of the best stories — and best players, for that matter — from this past season’s Los Angeles Clippers team. Coming out of the G-League, Wallace impressed immediately and put together 19 starts in his rookie season.

I’m hoping the two sides can figure something out before free agency begins. Wallace is a great player with tremendous upside, and he’s probably better for the team than any other rookie guard the team could draft this summer.

To close today’s show, I took a look at the first few games from the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Can Chris Paul pull it out and Houston, and make it to the Conference Finals for the first time in his career? Find out what I think in today’s episode of Locked on Clippers.

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