Los Angeles Clippers: Analyzing trading for Bradley Beal

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 15: Bradley Beal /

With speculation about the Los Angeles Clippers trading for Bradley Beal, we take a look at if this move would help the Clippers.

The Washington Wizards look like they could end up being swept in the first round by the Toronto Raptors. With the team having no luck in the playoffs, media members have started to speculate that it may be time to move on from star players similar to how the Los Angeles Clippers did.

Speaking of the Clippers, Brian Windhorst of ESPN speculated on his podcast today that the Clippers may have the assets to pursue a trade for Bradley Beal.

"“If they made Bradley Beal available, I mean this is a guy with three years left on his contract, you would have multiple aggressive bids … You know what team that would be interesting for Bradley Beal would be the Clippers. They have two lottery picks. They’re in the need of a star.”"

The team does have the assets, but does it really make them that much better?

Does it make sense?

Yes, Beal is a star, but would moving two lottery picks for him be in the best interest of the Clippers? The real question is whether or not Beal can be THE guy and not just a second option like he has been behind John Wall.

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The team would also have to make the salary match for Beal, who will be making a little over $25 million next season. Candidates to include in the trade would be Tobias Harris and Danilo Gallinari.

Moving Harris alongside the draft picks doesn’t do a lot. The team would be thin at the forward position and would not be able to fill it during the draft. Beal would be the obvious first option, but with how the rest of the team performed this season, there would be no clear cut second option outside of Lou Williams coming off the bench.

Packaging Gallinari with the picks is a little better, but you still have no way to fill holes on the team outside of re-signing players. This move would allow the starting unit to have two go to scorers who are both still young.

The ideal trade? Hope the Wizards would take DeAndre Jordan straight up for Beal. This would be unlikely, but would be the best possible outcome for the Clippers. The Wizards may ask for a lottery pick, but giving away one is better than losing both.

In any situation, hanging onto Tobias Harris would be the best possible outcome if they can also grab Beal. The two players could help potentially attract a star player in 2019 and could be the start of a big three.

Would you trade for Beal? Let us know if so and what you would be willing to give up!