Pump the brakes on the panic: The LA Clippers will be okay

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 17: Austin Rivers
CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 17: Austin Rivers /

With the LA Clippers going through a rough streak, maybe fans need to just sit back and relax.

It’s been a rough 8 game losing streak for the LA Clippers. Fans are ready for things to change after the team has looked absolutely awful. The coaching is to blame. Players are to blame. However, I’m here to tell you that maybe we should pump the brakes.


The biggest problem with the Clippers is injury. The team has not had their opening starting lineup for a whole game since that night. Milos Teodosic still may not be back for a little while. Danilo Gallinari still doesn’t seem ready to come back any time soon either. Patrick Beverley will return tonight, after missing 5 games. It’s hard to win in the NBA when 3 out of your original starting 5 are not playing. Once the team gets healthy and they begin to lose repeatedly, then we can start to panic.


This kind of works with the idea of injuries limiting our potential. How can a team that added so many pieces in the summer really come together when lineups are shifting around? Yes, some young guys have gotten opportunities and it’s working out, but if the Clippers want to have a shot at the playoffs (which seems to be their goal), then they need their top guys to mesh with each other. Some chemistry issues can be attributed to Doc, but when rotations are often changing, it’s hard to build that necessary chemistry.

So Clippers’ fans, let’s just pump the brakes. The season is still young, so let’s just enjoy the ride.