Blake Griffin assessed Flagrant 1 foul


The LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin had a foul upgraded to a Flagrant 1 over the weekend.

According to Brad Turner of the LA Times, the LA Clippers’ star forward, Blake Griffin, had a foul upgraded to a Flagrant 1 over the weekend. The foul occurred during Friday’s loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Griffin apparently raised his leg and kicked Cavs’ forward Jae Crowder in the groin, a-la Draymond Green. You can see the foul occur in the video below.

A Flagrant 1 won’t prevent Blake from missing any game time. The NBA defines a flagrant 1 as follows:

"Flagrant “1” (FFP1) – unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent"

This will still be on Blake’s record, however. If this continues, he could face more fines and even the possibility of suspension.

Griffin needs to keep his head clear. This play may very well have been an accident, but we wouldn’t want it to become a trend over the season. Griffin is too important to this team’s success (if we ever see that again) and with two of our opening night starters still out (Patrick Beverley makes his return tonight), the LA Clippers’ cannot afford to have their star player sit out games due to a boneheaded mistake.

The Clippers travel to New York tonight to face the Knicks, as the team looks to get back on target. Hopefully Blake’s head is in the right place tonight, as he’ll need to match the output of Kristaps Porzingis. You can follow along with us during the game on Twitter @ClipperholicsFS.