LA Clippers: Who our writers think their game is most like

PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Milos Teodosic
PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Milos Teodosic /

With the season starting, we had to pose one last terrible question to our writers. What LA Clippers’ player (past or present) do you most play pickup ball like?

Toby James (@tj7hoops)

I really struggled with this one. How do I find the perfect blend of below average athleticism, questionable defense and overconfident offense? I’m going to have to settle for (very) late career Paul Pierce. No disrespect to The Truth. I take stupid shots that sometimes go in but probably not and probably play more minutes than advisable.

Leonard Saldana (@LS3_Sports)

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I am going to have to go with Pat Bev for sure. I’ll try to make it hard to catch that incoming pass. I’m gonna move you around. No hand check, right? Well I’m gonna initiate the offense and pass it so someone can try and be Austin Rivers out there. If the ball comes back around, I’ll see how they are playing D. If they are playing tight, I’ll put the ball on the ground try and cross them and knock them off balance to drive. If that’s closed off, I’ll just kick it out.

I am more of that streaky shooter, so if I start to get hot…better just get the ball out of my hand.

Paul Tooke

Austin Rivers for me. Austin doesn’t hold the ball for long, and he doesn’t take his time before making a decision with it. I usually create a shot with one or two dribble moves and let it fly the way he does. Austin Rivers and I both can’t dunk that well (joking). Being 5’9”, I rely on floaters or high layups for a hefty part of my scoring. Rivers’ hustle also reminds me of my style on the court. I’m not afraid to take contact, dive for a ball, or even bleed a little (my scraped knees don’t compare to his eye in game 6 though). We both play attentive defense, and honestly my game is developing much later than it could have, much like the 25-year old I’m comparing myself to.

Garrett Chorpenning (@gchorp50)

Mine is an easy choice – my pickup persona is most definitely prime Zach Randolph. I have no outside game, the worst handles imaginable, and I’ll never be the fastest man on the court. That being said, I’m a lock to get you a double-double night after night. I pride myself solely on blocks and putbacks, and I’m rough and gritty for my 6’2” frame.

Noah Shatzer (@NoahShatzer)

My best comparison for my pick up game style would probably be rookie year Blake Griffin except a little under a foot smaller and a tad less explosive. I’m going to go out there and I’m going to dominate on the boards on both ends, even though I’m never the tallest player on the floor. My shooting stroke is somewhat reliable, but I’m at my best when I have my back to the basket and can score with a post move or dish it to a cutter from the block. Like Blake, I know exactly where to position myself to get the rebound and can set solid screens in addition to finishing on the roll to the basket. While my handle is best described as average, every once in awhile I’ll accidentally pull off a dribble move that makes me look like I know what I’m doing. And just like rookie Blake, I’m going to go for the dunk any chance I get and can rise up for the putback jam if I’m feeling really bouncy.

Ryan Snellings (@rsnellings25)

Noah sort of stole mine. I too, play like a less athletic rookie Blake. I do slash a bit more then Blake, but I enjoy taking contact and finishing. My jumpshot isn’t the best, but if I’m left open mid-range, I’ll make you pay. I’m also an expert rebounder and despite what Noah said in his, I’m pretty confident I’d grab the board 9 times out of 10. Plus, I can finally dunk.

Now, it’s just a matter of adding that to my in game repertoire and I’ll be just like Blake, right? Right?

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