Details on the arrest of LA Clippers’ Willie Reed

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 6: Willie Reed /

At approximately 3:00 AM EST, Willie Reed, the new backup center for the LA Clippers was booked in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Here are the details from the police report as covered by ABC’s Local 10 News:

Willie Reed and his wife Jasmine were arguing around 11:30 Saturday night when he told her to leave and not take anything he had bought with her. She grabbed her purse, then Reed tried to take it away from her. She fell to the ground and was dragged by Reed until the purse’s strap broke. The report says that she then ran until Reed grabbed her shirt, which tore.

Jasmine Reed went to the lobby of the building, left her purse with the concierge, and went back upstairs to get her children. She picked up her youngest son, and Reed grabbed her hair. He took the child from Jasmine, then grabbed her arm and twisted it, bringing her to the ground. Jasmine then grabbed a glass candle off of a nearby table and struck Willie Reed in the back of the head. She went back to the lobby, and asked an employee to call the police.

The police came and read Willie Reed his rights. He told the cops that he never put his hands on his wife, but did touch her hair and shirt. The police made note of the red marks on his wife’s wrist, bicep, back and chest. She had a swollen foot as well.

Willie Reed made his $1,500 bail later on, and has been ordered to not make contact with his wife Jasmine. This is disappointing to say the least. There will surely be more to come from this misdemeanor charge whether it be a trial or a divorce. This, Danilo Gallinari punching a player in the face, and Sindarius Thornwell appearing on LivePD are three negative occurances in the Clippers’ world from the past 8 days. Hopefully this is a trend that doesn’t continue.