LA Clippers Rookie Sindarius Thornwell Appears on LivePD

PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Sindarius Thornwell
PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Sindarius Thornwell /

LA Clippers’ rookie Sindarius Thornwell appeared on A&E on Friday night.

The recently signed rookie was pulled over in his newly purchased Porshe after reportedly being chased in his home-state of South Carolina by his girlfriend.

LivePD is a show on the A&E network that is pretty much a live version of the popular show Cops, where a camera crew rides along with police officers all over the country to record their work.

If any Clippers fans were watching the show’s most recent airing on Friday night, they would have been shocked to see LA Clippers’ rookie Sindarius Thornwell on their screen.

Thornwell had left his home to go to a party and his girlfriend had followed him, not wanting him to go. His girlfriend was pulled over by the officer, Richland County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Danny Brown, for speeding to keep up with Thornwell’s Porshe (the one he bought on draft day) and the rookie got out of his car to speak with the Brown, brandishing a Clippers warm up shirt.

Many viewers assumed that Thornwell’s girlfriend was kicking him out when Brown mentioned that she had some of Thornwell’s clothes in the back of her car. However, Thornwell later said on Twitter that the clothing in the back of her car was just laundry and he wasn’t being kicked out.

Brown then told Thornwell he looked familiar, before asking him where he worked. Thornwell replied, “I don’t even have a job.” (Yes you do Sin, you work for the Clippers)

Here’s a short video of the conversation between Thornwell and Brown:

Thornwell didn’t seem too flustered or embarrassed by the incident but did note that his Porshe looked nice on TV.

In another one of Thornwell’s tweets, the rookie suggested that his girlfriend might have just finessed the police (meaning the party story was might have been made up?).

Thornwell was no stranger to controversy during his collegiate career.  Last December he was suspended at South Carolina for an undisclosed violation of “athletic department policy.”  It was later revealed he was arrested months earlier for driving with a suspended license and had alleged nearly sideswiped another vehicle. It was also revealed Thornwell was also charged with simple possession of marijuana related to that incident.