Clippers should consider Dwyane Wade in NBA free agency


The Los Angeles Clippers should consider adding future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade in NBA free agency this summer.

Apparently, long-time Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is taking offers in free agency this year.

If that is the case, the Los Angeles Clippers should consider adding the future Hall of Famer.

The Clippers are already considering a big free agency signing like Kevin Durant or DeMar Derozan. Therefore, they should also make a run at Wade.

It is not very often that one of the top-five shooting guards of all-time hits the open market. The Clippers would be wise to add Wade to their starting lineup.

Of course, the Clippers already have a capable two guard and elite marksman in J.J. Reddick. However, they could consider a lineup with both players starting. As the league trends towards smaller lineups, Reddick’s shooting could open the lane for Wade’s driving and slashing abilities.

Granted, the Clippers would probably move Reddick to clear room for Wade’s max deal. Otherwise, Wade could (and would need to) take a pay cut to complete a Clippers roster. This team finished with the fourth-best record in the West, without Blake Griffin for the most of the season.

If Wade has even the slightest interest in a lesser team like the Dallas Mavericks or a pay cut to play with the San Antonio Spurs, as reported, the Clippers could try for his services.

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Los Angeles has come up short in the postseason over the past few years, but the three-time champion could put them over the top. Wade brings a killer instinct which the Clippers have been craving.

Many may say it is unwise to add Wade at age 34. Regardless, Wade still averaged 19.1 points, 4.6 assists, and 4.1 rebounds a game last season. He also played the most games in a season since 2010-11 and had surprising success from the three-point line in the playoffs, too.

Wade’s stats could increase playing beside Chris Paul. Paul knows how to play with tweener guards like Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers. Wade has a similar playmaking style which would amplify as a second and third option on the Clippers. The All-Star proved he could take a backseat during his days of playing with LeBron James.

Further, Wade would be great for the Clippers during the fastbreak. Imagine Wade throwing lobs to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. He might even catch some alley-oops from Paul or Griffin.

Not to mention, Wade is a valued member of the Super Friends/ Banana Boat Gang. Remember, James said he would take a pay cut to play with Carmelo Anthony, Wade, and Paul.

Adding Wade puts the Clippers that much closer to completing the Banana Boat Gang.  Wade’s addition could help the Clippers pitch James, if James becomes a free agent again next year as the salary cap jumps more.

At the very least, signing Wade keeps him out of the competition’s hands.

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According to multiple reports, Wade has put out feelers with the Spurs and Mavericks. Signing wade throws a little more shade at Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who is forever salty over DeAndre Jordan’s free agency reversal last year. Plus, no one wants to see the Spurs add Wade.

Added, we do not want to see Wade join James and the defending champs in Cleveland. Especially since the best friends both have three championships rings now (two together and one apart).

In the end, the Clippers will probably not sign Wade. Wade might be too pricey, too old, and not enough of a fit.

He may also decide to stay in Miami, where he has played his whole career. It is awkward even picturing him outside of a Heat jersey.

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Either way, the Clippers would be foolish to not at least consider adding Wade. The veteran can still play at a very high level.