Everyone in the NBA hates the Clippers, and here’s why


December 21, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul (3) reacts for a foul after scoring a basket against Oklahoma City Thunder during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

NBA executives, coaches and players alike hate the Los Angeles Clippers, and they didn’t hold back in recent interviews with Howard Beck of Bleacher Report.

The Los Angeles Clippers are far from popular when it comes to their reputation around the NBA. Whether it’s their rivalry with the defending champion Golden State Warriors or the stigma that surrounds them with other teams, coaches and executives alike, they’re far from being well liked. In fact, they are the most hated team by far.

From the flops to the whining, there are multiple aspects of the Clippers’ temperament that annoys others in the NBA. This season, they already own two of the top three spots on the list of players with the most technical fouls. Can’t guess who? Well, it’s Blake Griffin in joint 1st with seven technicals and DeAndre Jordan in 3rd with six. With two players racking up that many techs, it’s hardly surprising that the Clippers have more technical fouls (31) than any other team in the league.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report has recently gone into great detail by discussing the hatred for the Clippers around the NBA, and has highlighted exactly what coaches, executives, and even players have a problem with.

He’s offered some intriguing insight into those in the league, and has gathered multiple comments which explain the common distaste for the Clippers. A veteran NBA coach and executive summed it up to start:

"“The most hated team by far,” said a veteran NBA coach, speaking for, well, everyone…“Something about them,” said a longtime team executive. “It’s just an irritant.”"

Coaches and players also referred to the issue of the team’s flopping to make the most (or rather misuse) of contact:

"“People do not like stars that flop,” said the veteran coach…Or, as [Jared] Dudley, the former Clipper, said, “It looks like he’s [Griffin] been shot”…“It’s tough, because then when you go back at him, and he’s flopping he’s going to get a lot of calls,” said the veteran player, who nevertheless notes, “I think Blake’s a great guy off the court”…"

Former NBA referee Steve Javie also weighed in on how the Clippers’ complacency makes them a bad team to officiate:

"“They don’t think they ever foul, and they think they always are fouled,” said former referee Steve Javie, who retired in 2011 but remains close to the game.From a referee’s perspective, the Clippers are a team “you don’t want to see at the end of a road trip,” Javie said. “You’re tired, and ‘Oh, I don’t want to listen to them.'”"

Other players commented on the overall way they carry themselves on the court:

"“I respect the (heck) out of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin,” the veteran player said. “It’s just the manner in which they go about it. If you’re that good, you shouldn’t have to do all the antics”…“It’s about personnel, personality and just their demeanor, how they carry themselves,” said Houston Rockets veteran Jason Terry, who added cheerfully, “But it’s a healthy hate.”"

Also, in case you missed it, DeMarcus Cousins simply said after a game earlier this season against the Clippers, “I hate them”:

"“I hate ’em,” Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins told reporters after an opening-night loss to the Clippers. “Honestly, I do. I hate ’em.”"

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As you can see, no one held back in their interviews with Beck when it came to talking about the Clippers. And seeing as some current players weren’t even bothered enough to remain anonymous with their comments, it’s clear they feel no need to hide their thoughts about the team.

Everyone around the NBA seems to hate them, and they won’t hesitate to say so.

Current Clippers’ shooting guard J.J. Redick clarified just how easily that opinion can change, though. Before he came to L.A. in the 2013-14 season, he said that “Before I played with CP, I didn’t like CP. He didn’t like me. But then you become teammates with a guy and you end up loving him.”

Yet, no matter how much every Clipper loves their teammates, it isn’t exactly going to do much for their league-wide reputation. And seeing as they lead the NBA in player ejections this season with three, per Sporting Charts (when 20 teams have zero and 28 teams have no more than one), it’s not hard to see why those around the league have these opinions.

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If the Clippers want to change their reputation, they’ll need to cut out any whining, cut out the complacent attitude, and carry themselves differently consistently. Rather than letting calls get to them, they need to simply take it and move on. Even if it’s questionable, it’s better to move on and compete with your play not your words.

Maybe finding greater playoff success and surpassing the second round will help, but in the meantime, it looks like everyone is set in their ways of hating the Clippers.