Clippers trade rumors: L.A. still ‘open’ to trading Jamal Crawford


As Los Angeles Clippers trade rumors have suddenly surfaced this week surrounding Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith, it’s also been reported that they are still open to trading Jamal Crawford.

The Clippers seemed to be interested in trading Jamal Crawford this summer, although when nothing materialized and he didn’t seem to garner much interest, it looked like he’d be safe from departing. At least, that’s what Crawford would have been hoping for. However, as it seems that several players across the roster are now available if a solid offer emerges, Crawford could still be moved out of Los Angeles as Clippers trade rumors have suddenly started to pick up.

In addition to discussing the fact that the Clippers have recently gauged interest in offseason acquisitions Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports has simply reported the following:

"The Clippers have also been open to trading guard Jamal Crawford since the offseason, sources told Yahoo."

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Well, as two of the most talented signings from this summer (despite the team’s highly disappointing start, they still have something to offer) are available and Crawford is still available, it looks like Doc Rivers is open to moving a fair amount of his bench.

The key word to notice from Spears’ report is “since”. We knew that Crawford was by no means off limits during the offseason, but the fact the Clippers have also been open to trading him since then shows Doc isn’t satisfied with the team’s current standing. And, as is blindingly obvious, he isn’t wrong to do be dissatisfied.

However, Doc himself has been a major reason why.

His rotations have been poor (as is discussed in great detail in this column by Jeff Nisius), due to his insistence to play Crawford and Paul Pierce with heavy minutes, despite them being vastly detrimental to the team, both on offense and defense. Yes, Crawford has had a couple of 30 point games, including 32 that recently led the Clippers to a 101-103 win over the Orlando Magic, but he’s still damaged the team more often than not.

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With his 37.4 field goal percentage and 32.6 percent three point shooting, he’s been far from efficient, despite the occasional hot night from the floor. It indicates his shot selection has been off as usual, as he often shoots too early in the shot clock, and takes long, contested jumpers off-balance that never have a consistent chance of going in. Plus, he’s been unaware and highly unreliable on defense as per usual.

If the Clippers can find any way to acquire a combo-guard who plays within their role, can help maintain a reasonable pace on offense and can reliably hit an odd three in small minutes off the bench, they need to go for it. Crawford still has a little value to teams desperate enough to add some instant offense off their bench, and there simply aren’t enough reasons to turn away decent trade offers for him if they appear.

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