This redesign should have been the Clippers’ new logo


The Los Angeles Clippers’ offseason has been a remarkable success. Doc Rivers has made a host of new signings to give his stars the bench they need and finally his team looks deep enough to make a serious run in the playoffs, without having to rely on Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to do everything. Yet the one flaw in the Clippers’ otherwise excellent summer is their new look. Which, from the logo to the uniform itself, is nothing to be proud of.

It’s a bright, bold, energetic look, which may suit the style of the Clippers and “Lob City”, but it doesn’t look as impressive as other new designs around the NBA. For example, the new Milwaukee Bucks jerseys, that have been widely accepted across the internet as being one of the league’s best. Not to mention their menacing new logo.

In case you’d forgotten about the Clippers’ new look, here’s a reminder:

It’s not that they’re appalling, but they don’t look better than last year’s jerseys. It’s almost as though they’ve been dumbed down into a more basic, garish design that someone put together on “Paint” during their lunch break. Regardless of how they were created, though, we have something else for you to enjoy.

Here is a redesign of the logo by graphic designer Addison Foote, which displays far more creativity and style than the Clippers’ actual logo for the 2015-16 season. And if you want to see the rest of Foote’s work, click here. He’s redesigned every single NBA team’s logo, which are all well worth your time.

A redesign of the Los Angeles Clippers logo (Photo credit: Addison Foote)

The two shades of blue for the helm, the texture added to “Clippers”, along with the font of the text (which Foote said he used to represent a wave) certainly makes the design look a little more thoughtful than the basic “LAC” logo. As Foote said himself, he gave his redesign some meaning by using the helm of a clipper ship combined with a basketball to serve as the focal point of the logo. It links back to the name of the team and actually adds some history and identity, which is really what a logo is meant to do.

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Foote has taken his design one step further, though, by providing a glimpse of how it might look on a Clippers jersey as well (which can be seen above in the featured image for this article).

Quite frankly, these make the Clippers’ actual new design look rather amateur. Not that some fans won’t like them, and, yes, they could be worse, but the redesign by Foote contains a higher level of intricacy and thought than a simple blend of the letters “L”, “A” and “C” that have been shoved together.

That’s just my opinion, though. And seeing as logos and jerseys are only rated on opinion, rather than some kind of formal judging (hopefully that doesn’t exist anywhere), that’s all that matters.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer Addison Foote’s redesign, or the less nautical, official logo of the Clippers?

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