By the Numbers: DeAndre Jordan’s Year in Rebounding


With the season over — and though the race was pretty much over with before the Clippers played their final game against the Phoenix Suns, DeAndre Jordan can officially take claim to the 2014-15 rebounding title.

While he’s overrated generally as a defender, there is very little bad to say about Jordan’s ability as a rebounder outside of his knack for not boxing which, given the numbers you’ll see below, it’s hard to lay one on him for that (thought it could eventually come back to haunt him against specific playoff teams). Here is how Jordan placed in regards to basic rebounding numbers:

  • 1st in total rebounds at 1226,
  • 2nd in total offensive rebounds at 397,
  • 1st in total defensive rebounds (829)

Those are dominant numbers, regardless of the context surrounding Jordan’s rebounding. And to celebrate Jordan’s rebounding, here is a better look at how dominant DaJ performed on the glass this season:


Attacking the boards better than everyone else in the league, DeAndre Jordan led all players in 20-plus rebound games with 13 on the season. Second behind Jordan was Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond at 11. And to better expound on the figure above, Jordan’s 13 20-plus rebound games on the season ranks 8th all-time by a player, behind the likes of Dennis Rodman (39, 29, 27, 20, 16), Kevin Willis (20) and Ben Wallace (16), and tied with Kevin Love and Dikembe Mutombo.

Jordan’s 13 20-rebound games this season are also a season best for the franchise, pushing Jordan’s career 20+ rebound game total to 24, 13 more than the next player on the list in Michael Cage (11).


Per’s SportsVU, of players who average 25 or more minutes per game and have collected at least 800 rebounds on the season (Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Andre Drummond), Jordan leads the group in Percentages of Rebounds per chance at 73.6% — the next closest was Andre Drummond at 70.1%.


Since the 2000-01 season, only four players, including Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, have averaged 15 or more rebounds per game, with the most being from then-Golden State Warriors big man Danny Fortson at 16.3 per contest.


Dominating on both sides of the glass, Jordan’s 1228 total rebounds on the season makes him the first player since Dennis Rodman in ’97-98 to grab 1200 or more rebounds in a season.


With 397 total offensive rebounds, Jordan joins Andre Drummond (2x) and Elton Brand as the only players to grab 390+ offensive boards since the turn of the decade.


Speaking of offensive rebounds and Elton Brand, Jordan’s 397 offensive rebounds, now the best ever by a Clipper, is only one more than Elton Brand’s then-franchise best 396 offensive rebounds collected in ’01-02, breaking Michael Cage‘s record which stood for nearly two decades.

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Jordan’s rebounding streaks are what drew huge notice to his dominance on the glass and rightly so. With 10 straight games of grabbing 15 or more rebounds, Jordan ties with Anderson Varejao and Kevin Love for the highest streak of such since Ben Wallace grabbed 15+ rebounds 14 straight times during the 2002-03 season.


Again pointing to offensive rebounding, Jordan’s season-ending Offensive Rebound Percentage of 16.2% is the 40th best in NBA history.


With the above number representing Jordan’s Defensive Rebound Percentage. Because he’s the 15th player in NBA history to reach this number and 9th overall to do it since the turn of the century — the others including Kevin Love, Troy Murphy, Reggie Evans, Dwight Howard, Marcus Camby, Joel Pryzbilla, and Kris Humphries. The highest in league history per Basketball-Reference? Reggie Evans in 2012-13 at 38 percent.

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