Doc Rivers dishes hot take on an ESPN article he never read


Having never met Doc Rivers, I’ve calculated through numerous actions and moments that he’s a pretty smart guy aside from when being asked to do things as team president.

But today? He may have stumbled on his ‘dumbest’ moment as the Clippers head coach criticized an article written by Tom Haberstroh of ESPN in which the made the case against DeAndre Jordan as Defensive Player of the Year, citing Haberstroh’s failure to connect Jordan’s impressive rebounding to his stellar defense:

The only issue? Doc Rivers hadn’t even read Haberstroh’s article, which had it’s own section about Jordan as a rebounder.

Rivers’ blind admission created a bit of a stir in the writing community as journalists and bloggers took offense to wrongly critiquing an article without reading it, like many mindless commenters do on a daily basis.

During his short time as a member of the Clippers, Doc Rivers has made it known he’s going to defend his players to the end, whether that be propping up DeAndre Jordan as an All-Star or potential Defensive Player of the Year or attempting to convince the world that Spencer Hawes is going to get it together.

But this is a new low. Being a defensive coach (literally) is normal throughout professional sports, but defending to no end without sifting through the article personally is quite embarrassing, and I’m sure Rivers has access to an ESPN insider account, and if he doesn’t, the public relations staff that sent the excerpts his way surely do.

As Draymond Green would say, cool story Glenn.

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