Preview: Q&A with Anthony Sain of Blu3 World Order


Instead of the usual game preview, we’ve got together with Anthony Sain of Blu3WorldOrlder, who covers the Memphis Grizzlies (and other Tennessee sports), to discuss the latest matchup between Memphis and the streaking Clippers. Enjoy!

Is Grizzlies-Clippers still a premier rivalry? It seems to have lost some luster since the last playoff matchup.

I’ve always felt that the Grizz-Clipper rivalry was a little more weighted toward the Grizzlies having more if an issue toward the Clippers than they do towards the Grizz. I think that as long Paul, Griffin and Jordan are there, there will always be animosity towards them which is mostly rooted from Zach Randolph’s disdain towards Clippers management for sending him off as a castoff to keep him away from then-rookie Blake Griffin. It’s a classic rivalry of contrast with the Grizz being the grimy school yard bully that picks on the rich kid in the fancy clothes. In 2012, the Clippers were the media darlings and the Grizz came in unheralded. Losing that first series to the rivalry into the motion and it’s been going strong ever since.

If you could describe the Grizzlies season in one word, what would it be and why?


We have seen the Grizz win by several different methods and their potential still seems to not been met. We’ve seen them be lead by Marc Gasol dominating the ball, Courtney Lee being a lights out shooter, Zach Randolph going into 2011 mode and Mike Conley being Captain Clutch. We’ve seen them run away with teams and we’ve seen them grind out games with defense. This team is evolving and the best is yet to come.

How much of Jeff Green’s presence affects the word you chose above, and has he been the ideal fit for this team since joining in January?

Judging by the trade deadline transactions, I do feel that Green has been a great fit here and the best possible addition. He’s shown flashes of great play mixed in with trying to fit in almost to a fault but we know that he has some big games coming soon as Coach Joerger begins to acclimate him more into the offense. I’m sure that there will be games, hopefully including the playoffs were Green will be our top scorer and lead us to victory.

Who means more to this team in regards of winning a NBA championship? Marc Gasol or Zach Randolph?


Even as recent as last season teams were able to focus on stopping Zach Randolph. When Marc focuses on scoring it just opens up so much for us on offense. When Marc is on his game on defense he anchors a defensive front that is awfully hard to score against.

What’s one matchup you’ve got your eye on tonight that isn’t Chris Paul vs. Mike Conley or DeAndre Jordan that could shift the game?

Tony Allen vs Jamal Crawford.

We rarely get to see Crawford vs Allen and Crawford has had a history of torching the Grizz off of the bench. I would love to see Allen match up against him and hopefully shut him down.

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