Clippers-Pelicans Preview: Q&A with Andrew Montanye of Pelican Debrief


After two days off since their last game, the Clippers are back at it and what better way to hit the ground running than to have Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans opposite of you.

Because of the interesting matchup, I’ve decided to stray away from the tradition game preview and engage with a New Orleans Pelicans blogger/writer, that guy being Andrew Montanye of Fansided’s “Pelican DeBrief”.

As one of my many followers on Twitter, he’s perfect for this, so without further ado, here’s a Q&A on tonight’s Clippers-Pelicans matchup which includes talk about the great Anthony Davis, the matchup of the night, and more.

For a third year player, Anthony Davis is pretty much perfect, but he’s still flawed. Where do you think his next big improvement needs to come for him to take the next step (if that’s even possible haha)?

We are in total agreement that for a third year player, Anthony Davis has been near perfect. For Davis to take the next big step, I think he needs to solidify his defensive rotations. Occasionally you’ll find he leaves the lane open and doesn’t help weak side defenders when they get beat off the dribble. Davis is great at strong side help, but weak side help remains a bit of a problem. If he doesn’t feel like doing that, he can always add a three point shot to his arsenal of offensive tools.

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  • The opinion that Monty Williams is mishandling this team is a very popular one. What has to happen for him to reach the hot seat, or possibly be fired?

    If this team doesn’t come VERY near to making the playoffs, or make it, I think Monty will get fired. While it’s not all Monty William’s fault, (some of the blame falls on Dell Demps) many, (including myself) think Monty could be doing more. It’s a matter of time at this point.

    True or false: Ryan Anderson is the Pelicans second best player?

    False. Jrue Holiday does so much more for this team than Ryan Anderson does with controlling the ball and running the pick and roll as well as he does. If Anderson was this team’s second best player, I’d imagine he’d be starting games.

    Not including the “marquee” guys (Davis, Gordon, Jrue, ‘Reke, Rhyno, Asik), which player needs to step up the most for NO seeing as they’ve little consistent depth outside of the above-mentioned guys?

    I’d like to say Gal Mekel who just got signed to be the primary backup point guard, since he’ll hopefully be taking over the secondary ball handler role shortly. However, Austin Rivers is the next guy in line. The lack of consistent three point shooting has been something that has plagued the Pelicans this year. Rivers shot 37 percent coming into this year, and let’s just say the team as a whole, not only Rivers, has been shooting below average.

    What’s the biggest matchup you’re looking forward to tonight beside the Griffin-Davis matchup?

    I’m interested to see how Jrue Holiday and Chris Paul match up. Point guard play often determines how a team goes in this league, probably why the Pelicans are unbeaten when Jrue Holiday is distributing the ball and scoring (15 points and 9 assists in a game as a barometer.) Jrue, like every Pelican outside of the Unibrow, has been inconsistent. Holiday will have his hands full with Chris Paul, who didn’t get the nickname Point God for no reason.

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