Jazz-Clippers Recap: Game Grades


Here are game grades for the Los Angeles Clippers 107-101 victory over the Utah Jazz!

A. After tonight’s matchup, <strong><a href=. . . CHRIS PAUL

D. There must be a screw loose in <strong><a href=. . . J.J. REDICK

B-. It took the preseason plus three games, but <strong><a href=. . . MATT BARNES

A+. My prediction of Griffin possibly leading the league in scoring looks better every day. After struggling versus Sacramento, Griffin’s bounce back game was strong, scoring 31 points, 11 of which came in the fourth quarter. And the jump shot looked good.. . . BLAKE GRIFFIN

DEANDRE JORDAN. B. The box score doesn’t reflect Jordan’s impact on this game. The dunks were excellent (especially the one <a href=. .

B. <strong><a href=. . . JORDAN FARMAR

. JAMAL CRAWFORD. B. Coming back from a rib injury, Crawford looked like his usual self outside of some blips that can be credited to rust. With Hawes not scoring, Crawford’s 19 points helped carry the bench as he surpassed the <a href=.

A+. ALL ABOARD THE REGGIE BULLOCK BANDWAGON, I AM CURRENTLY FILLING SEATS. In his first playing time of the season, Bullock knocked down 4 threes en route to a career-high 12 points while defending extremely well. Unless Bullock’s play takes a turn for the worse, the <strong><a href=. . . REGGIE BULLOCK

C. Three minutes, one assist, and that’s all we got out of the Turkish God today. It’ll be interesting to see how he fits when <strong><a href=. . . HEDO TURKOGLU

This was one of those games where Doc Rivers relied on Jordan and Griffin to pull things out, making Hawes a complete afterthought.. . . SPENCER HAWES. D

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